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If you or someone you love has been injured due to a dog bite that happened because of the negligence of a dog’s owner, consider seeking legal assistance as soon as possible. At the Simpson Law Group, we are ready to step in and be your advocate.
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Dog Bites On An Airplane?

May 31 2019

Dogs are easily the most popular type of pet in the United States, but you probably never think you will need a San Diego dog bite attorney. At the Simpson Law Group, we know that the careless or negl...

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What Happens To Get Products Recalled

May 24 2019

You probably hear about product recalls on the news all the time, but do you ever put much thought into how a product becomes defective. What if you need a San Diego product liability attorney? At the...

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Learning To Live With Burn Scarring

May 18 2019

As little kids we bump, bruise, fall, and scrape over everything. Children are resilient in that way. They can fall over one minute and the next bounce back up and forget it happened. To help children...

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How To Sue A Dog Owner

May 17 2019

Dogs a man’s best friend, but can also be a man’s worst nightmare. People who own dogs are taking a risk. They are taking the risk of owning a pet who doesn’t always listen to their owner’s co...

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Broken Hips Due To Car Accident

May 11 2019

Have you ever heard of a joy ride? A joy ride is when you or you and a friend, drive around town or near the town on a sunny day. Joy rides are great ways to explore areas near your home. It is also a...

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California Lead State In Dog Bites

May 10 2019

Everyone is not a dog person. Some people prefer cats, and others prefer nothing at all. The trauma of getting injured by an animal follows you for life, primarily when the trauma occurred in your chi...

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Misbranding, Allergen Risk Prompts Recall of Over 2 Million Pounds of Frozen Food

May 4 2019

First it was millions of pounds of ground beef tainted with E. coli. Then it was Tyson chicken strips contaminated with metal remnants. And now the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that m...

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Conagra Being Sued for Alleged Defects in PAM Cooking Spray Containers

May 3 2019

The makers of PAM cooking spray—a staple in many kitchens—are facing multiple lawsuits from over a half-dozen people who say they were injured when their PAM containers exploded. Food behemoth Con...

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Fisher-Price, Mattel Under Fire For ‘Rock ‘n Play’ Sleepers – Class Action Lawsuit Filed

April 27 2019

It’s scary when products designed for the most vulnerable consumers—infants—end up being dangerous or even deadly. Such was the case with Fisher-Price’s ‘Rock ‘n Play’...

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California #1 in Frequency of Dog-Related Injuries, Report Says

April 26 2019

Once again California has been dubbed the dog bite capital of the United States. A recent data analysis by State Farm shared by the Insurance Information Institute (III) shows that California outranke...

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