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Burn injuries can occur from chemical exposure, electrocution, friction, or radiation. As a specific practice area under the umbrella term of personal injury, our San Diego burn injury attorneys look to represent victims of burn injuries caused by the negligent behavior of someone or some party.
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Category: Burn Injury

Learning To Live With Burn Scarring

May 18 2019

As little kids we bump, bruise, fall, and scrape over everything. Children are resilient in that way. They can fall over one minute and the next bounce back up and forget it happened. To help children...

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Burn Victim Searches For Her Heroes

April 12 2019

There are certain times in our lives where life forces us to pause and breathe in everything that has happened to us. Sometimes those moments are so memorable that people write about them. Some just t...

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E-Cigarette Burn Injuries Have Been Underestimated By U.S. Government (Here’s How You Can Prevent An Injury)

September 21 2018

When people imagine a burn injury, they immediately think of someone touching a very hot kettle or another hot surface in the kitchen. But burn injuries go far beyond injuries sustained in the kitchen...

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Alcoholic Beverages Lit On Fire At A Bar: Seeking Compensation For Burn Injuries Caused By Flaming Drinks

August 30 2018

If you have been at a bar or nightclub at least once in your life, you have probably seen bartenders doing cool tricks, one of which is setting alcoholic beverages on fire. While setting cocktails on ...

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How To Put A Price Tag On Your Burn Injury Claim When Recovering Compensation?

August 4 2018

When people think about burn injuries, the first thing that comes to mind is some insignificant redness and minor swelling from pouring hot coffee all over your hand or lap. But in reality, the vast m...

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