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Our San Diego car accident attorney at Simpson Law Group has heard every excuse in the book from drivers who were responsible for hurting our clients. If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a car accident, you may need an attorney from the Simpson Law Group.
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Category: Car Accident

Broken Hips Due To Car Accident

May 11 2019

Have you ever heard of a joy ride? A joy ride is when you or you and a friend, drive around town or near the town on a sunny day. Joy rides are great ways to explore areas near your home. It is also a...

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Side Impact Auto Accidents Are Costly

April 6 2019

Every day we get into our cars and expect a normal driving day. If everyone just follows the rules then there would be nothing to worry about. But, we know that isn’t true. Driving is an interesting...

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Speeding Is Reckless Driving

March 29 2019

There are many ways to get from A to B. Most people take their own vehicle. The roadways would be safe if we all just practice safe driving, but that isn’t the case. Sometimes people feel the ne...

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Driving Mistakes Cause Fatalities

February 16 2019

Driving is a skill. It is a skill that takes time to perfect, but not everyone stays perfect forever. No matter what your age you can always make a mistake while driving. For example, you can accident...

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Two Fatalities And An Injury In Recent Crash

February 1 2019

The evening of January 21 turned out to be tragic on state Route 76 in Vista. At around 6:30 p.m., a 40-year-old man was driving his Chevy pickup truck eastbound when he swerved to avoid hitting a Hyu...

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Wrong Way Crash Kills One And Injures Others

January 19 2019

We are learning of a crash that occurred on Interstate 5 near downtown San Diego on January 13. The California Highway Patrol says that a Nissan Versa was traveling southbound in the northbound lane w...

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DUI Arrests And Traffic Fatalities At New Years Drop

January 4 2019

How about we start the year off with a little bit of good news. Over the New Years holiday, both DUI arrests and traffic fatalities were down. That was the case both for the state as well as in San Di...

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Running A Red Light Leads To A Crash

December 29 2018

We are learning of a bad wreck that happened at a Chula Vista intersection recently and we know that it was not the way that anyone involved wanted to end their year. The incident happened on December...

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The DUI In Autonomous Mode

December 21 2018

You may have seen the story on the nightly news because it certainly was a national sensation for a few nights. Two California Highway patrol officers noticed that a driver was sleeping behind the whe...

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School Bus Crash Sends Dozens To Hospital

December 15 2018

We have learned of an accident involving a school bus and another vehicle that happened on December 19 in the University City area. More than three dozen students were taken to the hospital after the ...

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