Caltrans Is Paying Millions in Injured Worker Case
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Category: Construction Accident

Caltrans Is Paying Millions in Injured Worker Case

November 20 2019

If you are a construction worker, then you know there are risks when you go to work each day. However, this does not mean you have no recourse in the event of an injury. When you need a San Diego cons...

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4 Common Construction Accidents

March 1 2019

Construction is a leading profession in California. Over the next decade, California will add over two million jobs to the construction field. Construction will be the fastest growing job market for t...

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More Construction Work Means More Dangers

January 26 2019

If you ignore the daily ups and downs of the stock market and look at the economy as a whole right now, things are looking pretty good. Unemployment is at record lows and there are plenty of construct...

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4 Ways Construction Companies Can Prevent Accidents And Injuries On Construction Sites

November 9 2018

Many things could go wrong on or near a construction site. After all, there are lots of heavy equipment, electrified wires, flying particles, sharp objects, and machines. According to U.S. statistics ...

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Nail Gun Accident Uncovers History Of Violations

November 2 2018

A California house-framing contractor has been fined $225,000 in penalties by Cal/OSHA for multiple violations of nail gun safety. They began investigating because of an incident that happened earlier...

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Five Common Construction Site Injuries in Oceanside

October 13 2018

Working on a construction site in the Oceanside area can be a dangerous job. The work is physically demanding and involves interacting with hazardous equipment. Not only is the work physically demandi...

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A Worker Hit, Killed By Iron Beams

October 5 2018

A construction worker was hit and killed by iron beams that fell off a truck at a construction site in Spring Valley last week. It is a horrible tragedy, one that claimed the life of a man in his 20s....

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28-Year-Old Construction Worker Killed, Family Devastated

September 28 2018

You may not have seen this tragic story from a few weeks ago, but we want to bring it to your attention. A 28-year-old father of three daughters was killed with he fell from a roof and struck his head...

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Reasons Why You Need A San Diego Construction Accident Attorney For Your Case

September 22 2018

Some people think that hiring a construction accident lawyer after your have been injured at or around a construction site in San Diego or elsewhere in California is a waste of your money. “Why ...

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Safety Tips For Working In A Roadside Construction Zone

August 25 2018

If you work for the streets department in your local town, are employed by the California Department of Transportation, or work for a private construction company you will want to pay close attention ...

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