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Category: Personal Injury

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

November 17 2017

What is a catastrophic injury? Well, there really is no single definition of a catastrophic injury. But it’s something that has severely injured an individual. Whether it’s losing a limb or a brai...

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How do I Find the Right Trial Lawyer?

September 15 2017

Some of the worst days of my career have been when a client walked into my office and told me about how their case fell apart and is in shambles because a lawyer didn’t do what a lawyer is supposed ...

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What is a Personal Injury Claim?

September 1 2017

What is a personal injury claim? To put it simply, a personal injury claim is the process of getting compensation for your or your loved ones’ injuries. That is the most general definition of what a...

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How do I find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

July 15 2017

How do I find a personal injury lawyer? The best way to find a personal injury lawyer is through referrals. This means through hearing from your family and friends about who they recommend. If they’...

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