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Category: Product Liability

Nationwide Poultry Recall Issued

June 15 2019

When you purchase something to use, whether, at the store or online, you should not have to worry about it causing harm. However, we know that many faulty products slip through. At the Simpson Law Gro...

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What Happens To Get Products Recalled

May 24 2019

You probably hear about product recalls on the news all the time, but do you ever put much thought into how a product becomes defective. What if you need a San Diego product liability attorney? At the...

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Misbranding, Allergen Risk Prompts Recall of Over 2 Million Pounds of Frozen Food

May 4 2019

First it was millions of pounds of ground beef tainted with E. coli. Then it was Tyson chicken strips contaminated with metal remnants. And now the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that m...

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Conagra Being Sued for Alleged Defects in PAM Cooking Spray Containers

May 3 2019

The makers of PAM cooking spray—a staple in many kitchens—are facing multiple lawsuits from over a half-dozen people who say they were injured when their PAM containers exploded. Food behemoth Con...

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Fisher-Price, Mattel Under Fire For ‘Rock ‘n Play’ Sleepers – Class Action Lawsuit Filed

April 27 2019

It’s scary when products designed for the most vulnerable consumers—infants—end up being dangerous or even deadly. Such was the case with Fisher-Price’s ‘Rock ‘n Play’...

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FDA Expands Blood Pressure Medication Recall

March 22 2019

For the last few months, we have been hearing about recall after recall of blood pressure medications. Now, the FDA has recalled another major brand of blood pressure medication, Losartan. They say th...

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FDA Finds Asbestos In These Stores’ Products

March 16 2019

We know that the recent stories about asbestos being found in baby powder likely has you on edge. It is scary to find out that you could have been using a product that is contaminated for years. Now, ...

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Salmonella Outbreak In Raw Turkey Leads To Recall

March 8 2019

Does it seem like there has been more product recalls lately? Maybe we are just becoming more and more aware of potential products that can cause us harm and are taking steps to prevent injuries and i...

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The Scope Of Toy-Related Injuries And Fatalities

February 22 2019

When you buy a toy for your kid, we know you ensure that it is safe for their age. Like most parents, you probably read the labels thoroughly, making sure to note the possible hazards. However, there ...

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Southern California Woman And Toddler Injured By Exploding E-Cigarette

February 9 2019

We have learned that a mother and her toddler were seriously injured after an e-cigarette exploded. Her family has filed a lawsuit against the store where the device was purchased. Paige Kadella, the ...

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