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The daily commute may seem monotonous at times: driving the same speed to get to the same destination at the same time again and again and again. But imagine driving down the highway on your daily commute and having your life changed forever. This could happen if you are involved in a truck accident. Commercial vehicle accidents, otherwise known as truck accidents, cause horrible accidents, injuries, and can alter a life permanently.

Being involved in a truck accident has likely changed your life for the worse. The pain and suffering of injuries the stress of being out of work and dealing with costly medical bills on top of it all, the knowledge that the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. All of this stress may be clouding your judgment of what to do next. There are some facts and common causes related to truck accidents that may give you some clarity. But for more personalized advice, you should consider consulting with a truck crash lawyer.

Facts and Causes

The facts surrounding truck accidents display the disturbing damage they can cause. In 2017, there were over 3,900 deaths caused by commercial vehicles. Out of the deaths, less than 20 percent were truck driver fatalities. The rest of the deaths were from passengers of other vehicles.

Large truck drivers stops require a length of stopping time over 40 times that of a car. If negligent drivers do not take this into account, an accident can occur. There are many other statistics that display why truck accidents occur where the truck driver is at fault. Nearly 30 percent of all accidents where truck drivers were at fault were caused by brake problems. Accidents involving brake problems could have been avoided if the companies that owned them performed proper maintenance regularly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statistics related to accidents where commercial vehicle drivers were at fault. Nearly 20 percent of at fault accidents were caused by truck drivers not knowing the route they were driving. Nearly 10 percent of truck drivers reported that exhaustion caused the accident. 5 percent of the drivers who were at fault in accidents failed to adhere to traffic laws. Anyone of these causes would qualify as negligent driving behaviors.

While there are many causes to truck accidents, a recent shortage of commercial vehicle drivers in America is likely causing a rise in said accidents. Currently, there is at least 60,000 too few commercial truck drivers on the road. Such a shortage increases the likelihood of negligent driving behaviors such as driving under the influence, distracted driving, failing to adhere to traffic laws, and driving while exhausted.

The Aftermath

If you were involved in a truck accident, you are likely suffering from injuries and damages. You shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence. You should consult with a Palm Springs truck accident attorney. For a consultation with a Simpson Law Group attorney, click this link or give us a call at 619-236-9696.

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