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If you were involved in a semi-truck accident, you probably dealing with injuries, medical costs, and time away from work. Consult with a Palm Springs semi truck accident attorney at Simpson Law Group
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Palm Springs Semi Truck Accident Attorney

Like most commercial vehicles, semi trucks serve a pivotal function in our nation’s economy. They haul essential goods all throughout California and nationwide. Yet, they are often avoided on the roadways due to their potentially hazardous nature. Whether by making a quick and calculated pass on the highway or leaving more than enough space between their vehicle and the semi truck, drivers usually do their best to avoid disaster.  After all, semi truck accidents are often severe and cause lasting damage. Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable.

If you were recently involved in a semi truck accident, you are likely dealing with lasting injuries, high medical costs, and emotional trauma stemming from the accident. Your suffering may be compounded with the knowledge that your life changing accident was caused by negligent driving. Even though semi truck drivers are commercially licensed, some still engage in negligent behavior. Knowing some of the causes and facts surrounding semi truck accidents may help you form a decision regarding your next move. However, you should consider consulting with a semi truck accident attorney for my personalized guidance.

Ins and Outs of Semi Truck Accidents

When the misfortune of a semi truck accident arises, the results are usually devastating for the other vehicles involved. Only around one in four of the 2017 fatalities involving commercial vehicles were drivers of said vehicles. The overwhelming majority where drivers or passengers of other vehicles.

There are numerous causes in semi truck accidents, but a few reoccurring causes seem to persist. Negligent driving behaviors, mismanaged truck maintenance, and employment issues are three of the most common causes of semi truck accidents. Each cause can is contributing in its own way to the thousands of commercial vehicle accidents that occur every year.

Negligent driving behavior in semi-truck drivers can range from driving under the influence to driving while distracted by a device. Failing to adhere to traffic laws is another prevalent negligent driving behavior, with around five percent of all commercial vehicle accidents resulting from a failure to adhere to traffic laws.

Exhaustion has become a leading cause of negligent driving accidents in semi trucks and all commercial vehicles. This could be a consequences of the commercial vehicle shortage the trucking industry is currently facing.

What to do Next

Adjusting to life after a serious injury or financial setback can be incredibly difficult. Semi truck accidents have potential to cause either and they can be the result of somebody else’s reckless or negligent behavior. Pursuing a claim may be the best way to stabilize your life in these trying times. You should consider contacting a truck accident lawyer.

At Simpson Law Group, we have a team of experienced and trustworthy attorneys to help you pursue a claim effectively. We will draw upon all of our resources in attempt to obtain compensation on your behalf. You do not have to manage this misfortune on your own. For a consultation, click this link or give us a call at 619-236-9696.

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