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Elder Abuse

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The thought of harming an elderly person may seem unbelievable and detestable but it is a grim circumstance that unfolds thousands of times each year in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 10% of all elders in nursing homes or living with in-home caretakers will report being abused in some way. The total number of actual elders facing harmful abuse is likely much higher but choose not to speak up out of fear or a feeling of helplessness.

In order to prevent or minimize nursing home abuse and elder abuse, it is important to take swift legal action the moment it arises. If you believe your elder is being abused, you should contact Simpson Law Group and our San Diego nursing home abuse attorneys as soon as possible. With our legal advocacy, we may be able to secure compensation for you and your family to make up for the undue harm they have experienced.

Five Forms of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is difficult to spot because many elders will not speak up and take action. It can also be otoriously hard to recognize because it comes in many forms, oftentimes quite subtle. Stopping elder abuse usually depends on the vigilance and close attention of an elder’s loved ones who have learned to identify the many types and signs of abuse.

The five main forms of elder abuse include:

  1. Physical: Striking, pushing, or otherwise using physical force to hurt an elder is especially dangerous and must be stopped as soon as possible. Look for unexplained injuries, such as black eyes and cuts.
  2. Sexual: Many elders face sexual harassment or abuse from orderlies or caretakers when they are alone. Sexual abuse may be accompanied by reclusiveness and depression.
  3. Emotional: Intentionally belittling, humiliating, or intimidating an elder can cause significant emotional and psychological trauma. An elder that has been repeated insulted or verbally harassed may display uncharacteristic mood swings and the desire to never be near a certain orderly or nurse.
  4. Neglect: Elders require near-constant attention when staying in a nursing home for their health to be satisfactory. Intentional or unintentional neglect can cause just as much harm, if not more, than any other type of elder abuse. Bedsores, dirty living conditions, and malnutrition are usually telltale signs of neglectful habits at a nursing home.
  5. Financial: By stealing money from purses or coercing elders into writing checks in their own names, a dishonest orderly or caretaker can financially abuse the elderly, often without the elder ever knowing what happened. You may need to watch your elder’s bank accounts for abnormal transactions or transfers.

We Genuinely Want to Help You Protect Your Elders

Our San Diego based nursing home abuse attorneys are passionate about providing the elderly with safe havens, away from any abusive caretakers. If you have reason to suspect that your elderly loved one may be in immediate danger, you should consider calling the authorities to have your elder relocated. Once you have a moment, contact our team. We can get right to work on your case, preparing thoroughly for the legal battle for maximized compensation that may be in your future.

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