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Big Rig Truck Accident

San Diego Big Rig Truck Accident Attorney

If you have ever been unlucky enough to become involved in a collision with a big rig truck, you will be all too familiar with what “being hit by a truck” really feels like. Hint: it is not fun.

San Diego’s roads are home to countless trucking companies and their big rigs hauling heavy loads, and the laws of probability mean that there will be big rig truck accidents, regardless of how careful and law-abiding everyone is. When you have sustained serious injuries in a San Diego big rig truck accident through no fault of your own, our expert personal injury attorneys are always ready and willing to provide the outstanding legal guidance and support you need after such an ordeal.

Following a collision with a big rig truck in San Diego, you are unlikely to feel fit to undertake a legal battle to secure the compensation and damages you are entitled to. Thankfully, hiring a Simpson Law Group big rig truck accident attorney means you can be confident that your legal rights are being fiercely protected by experts who are devoting their energies to securing maximum compensation on your behalf.

San Diego Big Rig Truck Accidents – Key Facts and Statistics

Each year on California roads, including those in and near San Diego, around 10% of all traffic accidents involve a big rig truck or similarly large vehicle. You may be satisfied with simply knowing that the sheer size, weight and lack of maneuverability of a big rig truck means the aftermath of a crash can be catastrophic, you may also be interested in the following key facts and statistics.

  • There are 15.5 million trucks on United States roads, with approximately 13% of this figure comprising big rig trucks, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers
  • 98% of collisions involving a semi-truck or big rig will result in a fatality, which makes for very sobering reading when you regularly share road space with them
  • Almost 90% of big rig accidents are either caused or worsened by human error, either on the part of the truck driver or another motorist. Our attorneys will ensure that the responsible party in your accident is held fully accountable for their negligent or deliberately reckless behavior
  • 75% of San Diego big rig truck accidents are caused by the driver of a vehicle other than the truck itself. While you may be able to quickly move out of the way of a reckless or aggressive motorist, the driver behind the wheel of that 80,000lb big rig will not find it as simple a task
  • Driver fatigue accounts for around 30% of all big rig truck accidents, worsened by the fact that so many trucking companies effectively incentivize their drivers to skip rest breaks and deliver as quickly as possible
  • Despite their bulk, approximately 70% of truck accidents result in only property damage, with no injuries
  • 130,000 injuries are sustained in big rig truck accidents every year

Of course, when you, or a loved one, are seriously injured in a San Diego big rig truck accident, the statistics become almost entirely unimportant. What is important is recovering from your injuries, and returning to your normal life.

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