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Truck Trailer Accident

San Diego Truck Trailer Accident Attorney

If you have ever been involved in a wreck with a truck trailer or other large commercial vehicle, you will know very well that the old adage “feeling like you have been hit by a truck” is absolutely true. San Diego roads carry numerous trucks and their heavy loads every day and, with so many vehicles on the roads, accidents do happen. With almost 90% of San Diego truck trailer accidents caused by human error, there is a high chance that somebody is to blame for your crash. When you have sustained serious injuries in a San Diego truck trailer accident through no fault of your own, our expert lawyers are always available to provide outstanding legal support and guidance.

Following the trauma of a San Diego truck trailer accident, the last thing you need to do is shoulder the burden of pursuing compensation. Hiring a Simpson Law Group truck trailer accident attorney means you can be confident that your legal rights are being protected, while we strive to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. Call us today at 619-236-9696 to discuss the specifics of your truck trailer collision.

How a San Diego Truck Trailer Accident Attorney Can Use Trucking Laws to Your Advantage

While car accidents and truck trailer accidents are, essentially, both auto accidents happening between two or more vehicles on the same stretch of road, there are some differences in the laws applicable to them. For example, trucking companies and their drivers must comply with specific laws, including the following:

  • Where any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations have been breached, both the trucking company and the truck trailer driver can be deemed responsible for any collision, even where the truck driver was not personally to blame
  • Any subcontractors, including external maintenance firms, who had worked on a truck trailer prior to a San Diego accident may also be held partly responsible, depending on the circumstances
  • Truck drivers must keep log books fully and accurately noting their rest breaks, driving time, meals, sleep and more
  • The blood alcohol limit for truck drivers is half that for drivers of non-commercial vehicles. A truck trailer driver is legally intoxicated with a reading of 0.04, rather than the standard 0.08

These are just some aspects of our in-depth legal knowledge that Simpson Law Group attorneys will put to use while recovering the monetary damages you deserve.

Choose the Right Attorney After a San Diego Truck Trailer Accident, and Reap the Rewards

You may not think that your choice of lawyer has a significant impact on the likely outcome of your claim for damages after a San Diego accident, but it is not as simple as “a truck accident attorney is a truck accident attorney”.

In reality, you need an attorney who has extensive experience in this area of California law, and is committed to keeping on top of the latest developments in the law. At Simpson Law Group, we pledge to deliver all of that and more, as our lawyers will also dedicate themselves to obtaining the best possible settlement on your behalf.

To schedule your free initial consultation with an outstanding, esteemed attorney, call our San Diego office today at 619-236-9696.

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