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Motorcycle Accident

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Choosing the right vehicle for you is as intimate as choosing a partner. The vehicle you choose is the one that you spend most of your time in. At the least, we spend an hour in our car day. Some would protest this number as the average commute time can vary between 45 minutes to an hour each way. However, when you choose a vehicle you are choosing one that encompasses your personality and flair. Most think about your regular 4-door sedan. Some go for the bigger and roomier SUV. Then there are those really special travelers who choose the unique motorcycle as their choice of transportation.

Motorcycles have a good and bad reputation. On the one hand, motorcycles are better than the regular car. For one, they take less gas and are therefore less costly. Motorcycles are also less polluting to the environment than cars or SUVs. But not everyone is cut out to drive a motorcycle. The bad reputation is that not everyone can drive a motorcycle. It is often related to reckless driving as the drivers are typically stereotyped as those who are rebellious. This is translated to people who love the fast life like those who party and drive fast. The terrifying truth about motorcycles is that when you get hit while riding one, the likelihood of survival is way lower than those who are hit while driving a car.

Increasing Problem

Motorcycle accidents are an increasing problem in California. Known as the “silent epidemic”, California is ranked 15 out of 50 states for the worst motorcycle fatalities. Southern California is the worst area for motorcycle accidents. The most common reason for these fatalities is due to motorcycles hitting other vehicles. Some will defend bigger vehicles suggesting that driving a motorcycle is an extra risk. That may be so, but that does not deter larger vehicles from being fully responsible for any injuries or death a motorcyclist may incur. Just because your vehicle preference is not a motorcycle does not mean that those who choose a motorcycle are any less deserving of safety or protection when fighting for their rights after an accident.

The population who rides motorcycles are not using them as a primary vehicle. Typically motorcycles are used for leisure and fun. Riders who are 40 and older are most vulnerable to fatalities. That age range makes up more than 50% of all fatalities. Most accidents happen on the weekends and after 6 pm. If you or someone you love has been injured or has died due to a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to reach out to our attorneys at Simpson Law Group in San Diego. Our specialty is in Auto Accidents. We believe that every driver and rider deserves a safe road. For those who have been killed or injured deserve aggressive representation to ensure that they get the just compensation for their injuries. Call 619-236-9696 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys today.

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