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Hire a Simpson Law Group after a wreck involving a rig truck or other large commercial vehicle. San Diego rig truck accident attorney is here to protect your legal rights and secure maximum compensation.
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Rig Truck Accident

San Diego Rig Truck Accident Attorney

If you have ever been involved in a collision with a rig or other large commercial vehicle, you will be all too aware of the saying “feeling like you have been hit by a truck” is very much based in truth. San Diego roads see countless trucks hauling heavy loads every day, and the law of averages means that even the most careful of drivers will be involved in an accident from time to time. With 90% of rig truck accidents caused by human error, there is a high chance that your accident can be attributed to either the truck driver or another motorist. When you have sustained serious injuries in a San Diego rig truck accident which was not your fault, our expert attorneys are on hand to provide the legal guidance and support you require.

After a wreck involving a rig truck or other large commercial vehicle, you do not need the additional stress of fighting for the compensation you deserve. Hiring a Simpson Law Group rig truck accident attorney means you can be confident that your legal rights are being protected, and we are working tirelessly to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. Call us today on 619-236-9696 for more information on how we could help you.

San Diego Rig Truck Accident Statistics

Every year in San Diego, and across California, around 10% of all traffic accidents involve a rig truck or similarly large vehicle. While many of you may be content with knowing that the size, weight and maneuverability of a rig truck means the consequences of a crash can be severe, here are some key statistics for those who prefer to know exactly what they are dealing with:

  • There are 15.5 million trucks on United States roads, with 13% of this total made up of rig trucks, semis and 18-wheelers
  • 98% of collisions involving a semi-truck or rig will result in a fatality
  • Almost 90% of all rig accidents are either caused or worsened by human error, either on the part of the truck driver or another motorist
  • 75% of San Diego rig truck accidents are caused by the driver of a vehicle other than the truck itself
  • Driver fatigue accounts for around 30% of all rig truck accidents
  • Despite their bulk, approximately 70% of truck accidents result in only property damage, with no injuries
  • 130,000 injuries are sustained in rig truck accidents, in San Diego and beyond, every year

Of course, when you are seriously injured in a San Diego rig truck accident, the statistics no longer matter to you. What is important is recovering from your injuries, and returning to your job and other everyday activities. With the help of a Simpson Law Group truck accident attorney, you could recover the monetary damages that will enable you to do just that.

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