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Chula Vista Car Accident Attorney

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and going for a drive through Chula Vista. However, danger lurks around every corner, and regardless of your own driving skills, you always have to be on the lookout for what the other driver is doing. A variety of things can go wrong on the road, leading to devastating auto accidents that leave behind catastrophic injuries. Simpson Law Group has represented hundreds of auto accident victims in Chula Vista and throughout California. Our auto crash lawyers leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting accident victims the compensation they deserve, including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages.

Statistics on California Auto Accidents

No one ever leaves home thinking that they’ll be involved in an auto accident, but nearly a half-million car crashes were reported in California in 2016 alone. Sadly, 3,842 people lost their lives in MVAs that same year on California roadways, while 278,585 escaped with varying degrees of injuries, some of them life-altering. Nearly 12 percent of all auto deaths in the nation occur in California, and accident deaths have increased by 28 percent, just since 2013, due in part to the number of distracted drivers on the road, texting, talking, and even watching videos as they drive. Los Angeles is the most dangerous county in California in terms of auto accident fatalities and injuries, with 83,437 reported in 2016. Of all fatal crashes, 32 percent involved drivers under the influence of some type of drug.

Causes of Chula Vista Auto Accidents

Some of the most common causes of auto accidents in Chula Vista include:

  • Driver inattention. Around 40 percent of California drivers have admitted that they check text and email messages as they drive. This can lead to deadly consequences on the road. As much as 80 percent of all car crashes have to do with some type of driver inattention.
  • Driver intoxication. Alcohol-related fatalities have increased nearly 37 percent since 2011. Intoxication with drugs is another leading caused.
  • Speeding. MVA deaths related to speed have also risen since 2011 by 17.5 percent.

The Simpson Law Group has built a reputation for getting results for car accident victims, recovering thousands of dollars in damages for our Chula Vista clients. If you have been involved in an auto accident, schedule your free consultation to go over your claim potential with a Chula Vista auto accident attorney now.

Preparing Your Case

Your Chula Vista auto accident attorney will review all of the specifics of your case and determine the best course of action in moving forward with your claim. Your attorney can help you gather important documents, including your accident report and medical reports. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your attorney may also seek an accident reconstruction to help prove liability in your case. He will also contact the insurance company of the at-fault party to begin the claims process and help you understand the worth of your case. Reach out to an experienced Chula Vista auto accident attorney now to preserve your legal rights and seek proper compensation for your injuries.

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