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Have you been experienced an injury or a loss as a result of a product that you purchased in good faith? then you need to consult with a Chula Vista product liability Attorney from Simpson Law Group fight against defective products for years.
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Chula Vista Product Liability Lawyer

As a consumer, you have the right to expect that products on the shelves in your favorite store, the cars on your dealer’s lot, and the drugs on your pharmacists shelf are free from defects and pose no risk to you, your family, and your pets. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case; manufacturing and design defects and inadequate warnings on products can lead to serious injuries. If you experience an injury or a loss as a result of a product that you purchased in good faith, then you need to consult with a Chula Vista product liability attorney. Simpson Law Group has been helping consumers like you fight back against defective products for years.

California Strict Product Liability Laws

California is a strict liability state. This means that if someone designs, manufactures or sells a product that turns out to be defective, that person or entity is strictly liable for any injuries that result. This strict liability applies even if the person or company was not negligent, and it covers both defects in manufacturing and design as well as failure to issue adequate warnings about a product or the product’s intended use. Proof of liability in this type of claim generally requires four types of proof: the defendant must have designed, distributed, manufactured or sold the product, the product must have been defective when it left the possession of the defendant, you must have used the product in a reasonable way, and you suffered loss because of the defect in the product.

Under California law, manufacturers are required to anticipate how the average purchaser of their products may use them, even if it is anticipated that the end user may misuse the product in question. It falls under the onus of the manufacturer to anticipate and eliminate common dangers from products that they sell, although it is also up to the consumer to use reasonable precautions that other users would normally follow.

Product Liability Defenses

As your Chula Vista product liability attorney can attest, there are a variety of ways that defendants in product liability lawsuits seek to get out of their responsibility to the end user. For example, they may claim that they didn’t actually design the product or that the product was not defective when it left their possession. They might claim that you used the product in a way that they could not have anticipated, or that something else altogether caused your injuries. Because product manufacturers have attorneys working hard on their side, it is important that you consult with a Chula Vista product liability attorney right away following your injury. Your lawyer can be instrumental in forming your case, gathering supportive evidence, interviewing witnesses and more.

Working with a Chula Vista Product Liability Attorney

Contact Simpson Law Group to schedule a consultation with a Chula Vista product liability attorney. Your attorney can help level the playing field between you and the big manufacturers who want to see you go away with a minimal payment for your injury. Schedule your consultation today.

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