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Escondido Highway Design Defects Attorney

In California, highways are a source of stress and irritation for many. The crowded lanes can make a few miles feel like hours. Sometimes, the crowded lanes can make a few miles actually take hours. With such heavy travel on California highways, many expect an accident or two to occur. Be that as it may, we rarely expect the highways themselves to be the cause of accidents.

However, if you were in an accident caused by a highway design defect, you are likely all too familiar with the suffering highways can cause. Dealing with the medical costs, physical pain, and emotional trauma that stems from highway design defect accidents can be overwhelming. Without another living person to point to that caused your accident, knowing how to proceed can be difficult. Being familiar with common highway design defects, common injuries, and who can be liable for the accident caused can give you a strong foundation to make a decision. After reading, you may want to consider contacting an highway design defect attorney.

Common Highway Design Defects

Although rigorous planning goes into designing highways, defects can still occur—especially when said highways are not properly maintained. Some common highway defects include faulty planning and design, ineffective signage, and defective safety equipment.

Road drop offs are a common example of faulty highway designs that can cause vehicles to lose control and collide. Ineffective signage can range from construction signs being placed in the wrong spots to missing road signs. Damaged guardrails or malfunctioning traffic signals are common safety precautions that can be defective and lead to a crash.

Common Injuries and Liable Parties

Highway design defects can lead to numerous debilitating and costly injuries. Victims have suffered injuries as minor as bruises, concussions, and whiplash to serious injuries like broken bones, lost limbs, paralysis, and serious brain damage. No matter the injury, accidents caused by highway design defects have lasting consequences.

It can be difficult to identify the liable parties in accidents stemming from highway design defects. Common parties that may be liable include those involved in the design and construction of the highway, such as:

  • Highway engineers
  • Road architects
  • Contractors
  • Governing bodies

Considering the resources most of the aforementioned parties have, attempting to pursue a claim on your own can be exceedingly difficult and unlikely to result in compensation.

The Aftermath

If you recently experienced an accident caused by a highway design defect, you are likely struggling with an unexpected loss of income, medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering. You shouldn’t have to continue suffering while the neglectful party that caused your accident offers no reciprocation for your hardship. You should contact an Escondido highway design defect attorney.

At Simpson Law Group, our lawyers have the experience and integrity to stand up to the powerful parties responsible for your accident. We will utilize all of our resources to obtain compensation on your behalf. For a free case evaluation, contact us at this link or give us a call at 619-236-9696.

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