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Negligence does not always have to be proven in product liability claims. For that reason, you should contact an Escondido product liability attorney. For a free evaluation, call us at 619-236-9696.
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Escondido Product Liability Attorney

New products are introduced to California and nationwide every year with the intent of making our lives easier and more productive. This innovation makes us willing to spend hard earned money on products that promise appealing functions. However, sometimes products are released that are defective and lead to serious injury.

If you were injured due to a product defective, you could be dealing with serious injury and a loss of income. Most injuries resulting from product defects could have been prevented if proper care was maintained throughout the production process. Your quality of life should not have to suffer from someone else’s negligence. You may be eligible to pursue a product liability claim. Being familiar with what a product liability claim is and some common examples of defective products may help you come to a decision. With that being said, after reading, you may want to contact an product liability lawyer to receive individualized guidance.

Product Liability Overview

Traditionally, you are eligible to pursue a product liability case for one of three reasons. The first is negligence. Negligence claims pursue those responsible for introducing a faulty product into the marketplace. The product’s manufacturer, tester, and retailer could all be responsible for a defective product. A product could also be dangerous from improper labeling and warnings. If this is the case, those responsible for the improper labeling could also be at fault.

Negligence does not always have to be proven in product liability claims. Regarding strict liability, the only thing that must be proven is that a defect product caused harm to you or the pursuing party. Product liability claims could also be pursued if manufacturers did not adhere to a warranty they implied or attached to a product.

There are many products that are commonly found defective in a product liability case. Common defective products include faulty vehicles and vehicle parts, defective medical equipment, and medication, including medicines with improper warning labels. Defective children’s toys are also a common defective product. Some less common forms of defective products include highway design defects, which often lead to serious auto accidents and injuries.

Some common examples of specific design defects include a car that does not engage airbags when it experiences a collision, sunglasses that still allow for eye damage from the sun, and a space heater that starts fires even when directions are followed.

The Next Step

After suffering injuries as a result of a defective product, you are likely dealing with physical pain and emotional traumas. On top of that, you probably have to deal with financial hardships such as an inability to work and high medical bills. You should not have to suffer financially as a result of someone else’s negligence. You should consider pursuing a product liability claim. However, due to the mass of resources most product producers have, pursuing them by yourself is ill-advised.

For that reason, you should contact an Escondido product liability attorney. Our attorneys at Simpson Law Group have the experience necessary to stand up to the powers that be while pursuing compensation on your behalf. For a free evaluation, click this link or call us at 619-236-9696.

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