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Escondido Vehicle Defects Attorney

In California and nationwide, many start their weekday by driving to their place of work. Nobody expects their daily commute to end in travesty; however, auto accidents can result in devastating injuries and sometimes even death. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2016 alone, over 3,500 people lost their lives in California as a result of a vehicle accident. Some accidents are unavoidable. Unfortunately, some accidents are caused by defective vehicles.

If you or a loved one were recently experienced an injury caused by a vehicle defect,  you are likely experiencing physical and emotional pain, not to mention a loss of income and costly medical bills. Fortunately, you are not without options and may be able to pursue a vehicle defect claim. The decision may be difficult, but knowing the commonly caused accidents stemming from vehicle defects may help provide some clarity. After reading, you should consider contacting an vehicle defect attorney for more personalized information on what to do next.

Common Causes of Vehicle Defects

Any vehicle that reaches the American marketplace is supposed to go through rigorous safety precautions. Nonetheless, some manufactures attempt to push their vehicles through in the name of making money, regardless of safety. This mentality has led to multiple vehicle defects and some common ones include the following:

Tire Defects

If you properly maintained your tires and still experienced a blown tire, you may have received a defective tire. Tire defects can cause vehicles to lose control, collide with objects or other vehicles, and result in serious injuries.
Defective Seat Belts

Seat belts are a common safety precaution that can lead to injury or even death when defective. Defects in the harness, design, or latching mechanism are common in faulty seatbelts.

Defects in Fuel Storage

It would seem common sense to focus safety precautions on the most combustible elements in vehicles: the fuel storage system. Sadly, some vehicle manufacturers are neglectful when it comes to the placement or insulation of fuel systems. Faulty fuel systems can lead to explosions and fires that cause life-altering and sometime life-ending burns.

Faulty Roofing

Vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to make their vehicles as safe as possible during accidents. However, vehicles routinely experience caving roofs during accidents. This is a vehicle defect that often results in serious injury.

The Next Step

After experiencing an injury as result of a vehicle defect, you are likely dealing with the physical pain and emotional hardship caused from the crash. Financially, you are likely suffering from unexpected medical bills and an inability to earn income. While nothing can completely ease the physical and emotional turmoil, you do have options to ease the financial suffering.

Nobody should have to suffer from the negligent behavior of someone else. To help quell your financial suffering, you should consider pursuing a vehicle defect claim. However, you must be aware of the wealth of resources vehicle manufacturers have to bring to their defense. You should have an experienced Escondido vehicle defect attorney by your side. Simpson Law Group can offer you just that. For a free evaluation, click this link or contact us at 619-236-9696.

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