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Whether you were at fault for a car accident due to a vehicle defect or you need help receiving a replacement or compensation for a vehicle, Oceanside vehicle defects lawyer from Simpson Law Group is here to help.
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Oceanside Vehicle Defects Attorney

Oceanside may be one of the most beautiful cities to drive through, but its gorgeous West coast scenery can’t protect you from an auto accident when one happens. Even if you take extreme care to drive with caution, external forces outside of your control can always come into play. Whether you’re responsible for a car accident due to a vehicle defect or another drive is, our Oceanside auto liability attorneys can help.

Check for Recalls

When a defect is discovered in the manufacture or design of a vehicle that affects the automobile’s safety, the vehicle is usually recalled, either by the manufacturer of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Owners of recalled vehicles can bring their cars to dealerships to get the defective parts fixed or replaced. Either dealerships or manufacturers will usually contact you about a recall, or you can rely on the NHTSA’s website to keep track of pending recalls.

Is Your Car a Lemon?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many repairs you have performed on your car; it just won’t run properly. This makes the car a “lemon.” If your car has a defect that impairs your ability to operate the vehicle and that was present when you bought the car, you are entitled to a refund if the issue isn’t fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

Our Oceanside attorneys can help you receive a refund or get your auto replaced if your car is determined to be a lemon.

Product Liability Suit

You might consider filing a product liability suit against your car’s manufacturer if your car has a defect that caused you damages. Unlike other types of lawsuits, you don’t have to prove that the manufacturer acted carelessly when producing the vehicle if you file a product liability suit, even if your accident was caused by your own error. Since vehicles in the U.S. are supposed to protect their drivers in the case of a collision, if one fails to do so you might be entitled to compensation.

Reputable Auto Liability Attorneys

Our auto liability attorneys are experienced in dealing with personal injury cases caused by an accident caused by vehicle defects. We know what an emotionally trying time dealing with the aftermath of an accident is, which is why our legal team is here to offer you support. Some of the issues we can help you handle include:

  • Insurance adjusters
  • The hospital
  • Legal and medical red tape
  • Auto body shops
  • The auto manufacturer responsible for the defect

Your legal team will also provide you with support when dealing with the numerous parties of interest during your recovery so you can focus on healing from both your emotional and physical injuries.

Statute of Limitations

If you are planning on suing your car manufacturer, you’ll want to consult with an Oceanside auto liability attorney as soon as possible. Statute of limitations may apply for filing your case.

Whether you were at fault for a car accident due to a vehicle defect or you need help receiving a replacement or compensation for a vehicle that’s a lemon, Simpson Law Group is here to help.

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