Shocking $20 Million Hospital Error
If you or someone you love has experienced a medical error while giving birth then Birth Injury Attorneys at Simpson Law Group in San Diego are help start your journey of healing today.
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Shocking $20 Million Hospital Error

Posted By Simpson Law Group LLP Trial Attorneys Posted in:Birth Injury

March 2 2019

When you go to the hospital with a loved one who is injured the last thing you want to think about is whether the hospital staff is doing their job. You enter a hospital with the expectation that a certain standard of care will be given to you and your family. However, a hospital, even though its purpose is to save lives, is just like any other place of business. There is a higher expectation, yes, but mistakes do happen and accidents do occur. The difference between a hospital and let’s say a shoe store is that when you get the shoe wrong you can always exchange them. In a hospital, if something goes wrong it can be literally life-changing. In particular, the life-altering issue can be life ending, especially if you were just born.

Birth Injury Horror Story

When a woman is pregnant there are numerous amounts of doctor appointments to make sure that both mother and baby are doing well. Having a baby is hard and it requires a team of professionals to make sure that the actual birth goes without complication. This is the story of a baby who had a great birth.

Sophia was born about 5 weeks before her due date. This isn’t uncommon for babies to be born before or after the pre-determined birthing date. Sophia’s early arrival was no different. However, Sophia did have to spend her first few days in the ICU as normal for babies who born before their due date. Connie, Sophia’s mom, felt really good about her baby and so did the doctors. The ICU was there to make sure that Sophia was getting fed and getting all the nutrients she needs. There wasn’t any foreseen issue until Connie went to visit her baby in the ICU and she found her baby pale and lifeless.

This kind of scenario was not supposed to happen. Connie alerted the nurses. Sophia’s diaper was soaked as if someone had dunked in a bowl of water. After hours of not knowing what was going on doctors told Connie that Sophia almost died due to a human error with the feeding bag. This prompted the Birth Injury lawsuit where the jury awarded $20 million. This was the largest medical malpractice settlement in California history. Hopefully, hospitals will learn from this and take extra care when dealing with infant feeding.

Birth Injury

If you or someone you love has experienced a medical error while giving birth then our Birth Injury Attorneys at Simpson Law Group in San Diego are here to help right the wrong. We have a history of successfully guiding our clients through various lawsuits into victory. With over 40 years of experience, we are ready to guide you through yours. Call 619-236-9696 or click here to start a conversation with our professional staff today. Don’t let the trauma or stress of a medical birth injury paralyze you from seeking justice. We are here and ready to help start your journey of healing today.

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