Speeding Is Reckless Driving
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Speeding Is Reckless Driving

Posted By Simpson Law Group LLP Trial Attorneys Posted in:Car Accident

March 29 2019

There are many ways to get from A to B. Most people take their own vehicle. The roadways would be safe if we all just practice safe driving, but that isn’t the case. Sometimes people feel the need to engage in driving behaviors that are a danger to other cars around them. Our San Diego auto accident attorneys at Simpson Law Group has over 40 years of trial experience. We have represented numerous amounts of clients who were injured in a car accident. Almost all of them have in common that the other driver was negligent or reckless in some way.

Choosing to file an auto accident lawsuit benefits two people. First, it benefits the victim because we can get you compensation for the injuries you sustained. Two, it benefits the driver responsible for your injuries. It benefits them because maybe they will think twice about their driving behaviors.

Auto accidents come in all sorts of packages. For example, you can get a rear end case or a distracted driver case. Most of these result in injuries where the victim has a trajectory of full recovery. Unfortunately, not all car accidents result in injury. Sometimes they result in death.

Driving Reckless

It wasn’t a threat when your family told you that driving was a privilege and not a right. Someone should have told Navy Petty Officer Richard Sepoloi, 27, that before his reckless behavior caused him to lose control of his pick up truck. According to the investigation, Sepoloi had a few drinks earlier in the day of the accident. His blood level as under the limit, but he may have still been under the influence. He was on the phone with his newly married wife. Apparently, they were in a heated argument.

Sepoloi was driving 81 MPH over a bridge. He went to overtake a car when he lost control of his pick up truck. He drove off the bridge into a crowd of people who were enjoying a motorcycle festival. He killed 4 people, two couples, between the ages of 45-52. A jury was willing to forgive some of his 13 felony charges, but he could still get sentenced to 18 years in jail. If he is sentenced the max sentence of 18 years then he will have to at least serve 15 before the courts will consider probation.

At the end of the day, Sepoloi was exhibiting human emotion. He had a few to drink and then waited to sober up like most people. He had a heated argument with his wife and that influenced his reckless driving. These are behaviors that anyone would exhibit and it cost the life of 4 people and injuries to many others.

What To Do

Just because someone is having a bad day does not mean that you should feel the brunt of it. Reckless and negligent driving can lead to disastrous results. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident then we are ready to listen. Call 619-236-9696 or click here to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney at Simpson Law Group in San Diego today.

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