What Injuries Can I Sue for After a Truck Accident?
You’ve been injured in a truck accident, we have a team of experienced truck accident attorneys at Simpson Law Group who have handled trucking accidents nationwide.
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What Injuries Can I Sue for After a Truck Accident?

Posted By Simpson Law Group LLP Trial Attorneys Posted in:Truck Accident

July 7 2017

What injuries can you sue for after a truck accident? A truck accident entitles you to recover any of the loss you suffer. Whether it’s to your body, your property, or your quality of life. The losses you can sue for after a truck accident include any medically related costs. This includes the costs of emergency services, property damage, and lost productivity if you can’t work. In addition, it the pain, suffering and lost quality of life you or your family might experience as a result of the crash.

It’s easy to show billing records for medical costs and property damage, but it takes an experienced truck accident attorney to put a value on things like lost productivity, pain, and suffering and lost the quality of life through evidence. We do this first with testimony and through photographs. Then talking to the arbitrator or mediator or the jury about how to put a fair value on that. It’s not easy in most cases to dig in and find the information. First, there is the evidence, the testimony. The most important testimony is from the people who know the injured person and can talk about the effect it has had on their life.

When you dig in, you talk to the right people. You have to spend some time with them at their home, in a restaurant, in their backyard. During this time, you get the real-life, touching evidence that you can present to the jury and really make an impact. After that, the jury awards the right amount to fairly compensate some of the loss they’ve suffered. For an attorney, it’s hard to imagine a higher level of satisfaction of having done that job. As a result, we can make sure that injured clients can be happy and healthy again. If the person in question has passed away, we can make a documentary of their life from the perspective of their loved ones.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, contact us. We have a team of experienced truck accident attorneys who have handled trucking accidents nationwide.

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