A Worker Hit, Killed By Iron Beams
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A Worker Hit, Killed By Iron Beams

Posted By Simpson Law Group LLP Trial Attorneys Posted in:Construction Accident

October 5 2018

A construction worker was hit and killed by iron beams that fell off a truck at a construction site in Spring Valley last week. It is a horrible tragedy, one that claimed the life of a man in his 20s.

His name is not being released yet, likely pending the notification of his family.

OSHA is investigating the accident, but we want to highlight what one of the man’s coworkers said about it, and the work in general:

“The kind of work that you do there, it is dangerous, it’s destructive. Everything is heavy metal,” he said. “You can be working, somebody else can be operating the crane, you don’t look at him, and he’ll hit you.”

The Department of Labor says that the last accident at this particular company was in 2014, but we know that construction accidents are all too common. At the Simpson Law Group, we want you to know you can count on us when you need a construction accident attorney in San Diego.

Dangerous Occupation

There is no denying that construction workers have dangerous jobs. They perform valuable functions for us, from keeping our infrastructure sound and secure to building our homes and businesses.

We know that OSHA has documented the “Fatal Four,” the top ways that people get killed while working construction. They include: falls, getting struck by objects, electrocutions, and getting caught in between objects.

When OSHA hands out violations to construction companies, they often revolve around things like fall protection violations (including harnesses and scaffolding), respiratory protection issues, machinery violations, electrical wiring problems, etc.

When you look at those lists, you can see that many of these accidents are preventable.

It is vital that construction companies properly train their workers. This includes constant safety training so that common mistakes can be avoided. For every job a worker is asked to perform and every piece of machinery they are asked to use, they need to be properly trained.

It is also the responsibility of construction companies to ensure that their employees have the proper equipment for every situation they are in. This includes durable clothing, eye wear, footwear, and respiratory equipment.

Many people overlook just how much dust and chemicals are floating around construction sites. If breathed in on a constant basis, employees can develop major respiratory problems later in life.

What To Do Now

We know how difficult of a time this is for you. Whether you have been hurt in a construction accident or have lost a loved one to an accident, we know you need answers for your questions.

We know that there are times with other people’s negligence causes you harm. When that happens, you need an experienced legal team to help you recover the compensation you deserve. At the Simpson Law Group, we will provide you with a construction accident attorney who will fight for you. For a free consultation of your case, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 619-236-9696.

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