How do I Find the Right Trial Lawyer?
You want to make sure a lawyer is a right quarterback for your team, contact attorneys at Simpson Law Group they will help you.
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How do I Find the Right Trial Lawyer?

Posted By Simpson Law Group LLP Trial Attorneys Posted in:Personal Injury

September 15 2017

Some of the worst days of my career have been when a client walked into my office and told me about how their case fell apart and is in shambles because a lawyer didn’t do what a lawyer is supposed to do. In a world full of qualified lawyers who could do a great job for them, they just picked the wrong one. If you’re the owner of an NFL football team, would you want a quarterback who’s never been on the field before? Who just says he’s a quarterback but doesn’t have the history or experience to back it up? Or do you want to know you’ve got a quarterback who has been on the field? Someone who has made game-winning plays?

Do you want to make sure a lawyer is a right quarterback for your team? First, sit down with the lawyer and say, “When have you been in court lately? What trials have you tried? Tell me the names and the case numbers.” An experienced lawyer is going to have a proven record. This means one that you can look up online or with the court. This is the single best thing you can do for yourself when you’re picking a lawyer to take your case to trial.

Insurance companies know trial lawyers are the biggest risk to them and are going to demand the fairest compensation. This is because trial lawyers are going to take their case to court if the insurance companies don’t pay the right amount. Plenty of people claim to be trial lawyers but the insurance companies will check the internet, they’ll check social media. The insurance companies know who the trial lawyers are. If you hire somebody who is not a real trial lawyer, your case is not going to get the maximum amount of compensation. This is because the insurance company will know they can take advantage of them.

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