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What is a catastrophic injury? Well, there really is no single definition of a catastrophic injury. But it's something that has severely...
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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

November 17 2017

What is a catastrophic injury? Well, there really is no single definition of a catastrophic injury. But it’s something that has severely injured an individual. Whether it’s losing a limb or a brai...

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What is a TBI?

November 11 2017

What is a TBI? A TBI is traumatic brain injury, and there can different severity levels to a TBI. The Glasgow Coma Score is actually one of the best ways to tell them what the severity of your TBI is....

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What is Negligent Driving?

November 3 2017

Negligent driving is when an individual drives in a way that falls below the reasonable standard of anyone else on the road. This means that you’re driving without considering the safety of others, ...

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Can Fatigue Seriously Impair Driving Ability?

October 27 2017

Can fatigue seriously impair driving ability? Fatigue can absolutely impair driving, for a number of reasons. Statistics show that being awake for 24 hours has the same effect on you as having a blood...

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Is The Owner or Driver Liable in a Car Accident?

October 20 2017

Typically the driver will be held liable for committing a crime or causing any damage. At the scene of an accident, an officer will make what’s called a traffic collision report. In that report, the...

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Is Negligence an Intentional Tort?

October 16 2017

Negligence is not considered an intentional tort. The primary reason is that with intentional torts, the tortfeasor means for the end result to occur. With negligence, it’s an accident. It’s very...

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How Does Intentional Tort Differ from Negligent Tort?

October 6 2017

Intentional tort differs from negligence in that in an intentional tort, one intends for that result to happen or the injury to occur. For example, when someone goes up and strikes another person, the...

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How do I Find the Right Trial Lawyer?

September 15 2017

Some of the worst days of my career have been when a client walked into my office and told me about how their case fell apart and is in shambles because a lawyer didn’t do what a lawyer is supposed ...

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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

September 8 2017

Whether or not you need an attorney for a car accident depends on the severity of the accident. I would say if it’s minor damage to a vehicle, or mainly a property damage claim, that’s usually so...

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What is a Personal Injury Claim?

September 1 2017

What is a personal injury claim? To put it simply, a personal injury claim is the process of getting compensation for your or your loved ones’ injuries. That is the most general definition of what a...

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