Incident With Large Truck Causes Fatality
If you have been in a crash involving a large commercial truck, you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. San Diego truck accident attorney will work diligently to secure the compensation you deserve.
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Incident With Large Truck Causes Fatality

March 23 2019

The last thing on your mind when you are out on the highway is that you need to worry about stalled out vehicles or someone else’s negligence causing you harm. Unfortunately, we know that vehicle cr...

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FDA Expands Blood Pressure Medication Recall

March 22 2019

For the last few months, we have been hearing about recall after recall of blood pressure medications. Now, the FDA has recalled another major brand of blood pressure medication, Losartan. They say th...

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FDA Finds Asbestos In These Stores’ Products

March 16 2019

We know that the recent stories about asbestos being found in baby powder likely has you on edge. It is scary to find out that you could have been using a product that is contaminated for years. Now, ...

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Man Uses Dog As Attack Weapon

March 15 2019

In a shocking incident last month, we learned that a man was bitten on his face and arm several times by a dog in North Park. Police say he was attacked by another man’s dog during an argument. The ...

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UPS Drivers Awarded For Going 25 Years Without An Accident

March 9 2019

When it comes to responsibility, truck drivers know they have to be vigilant on the roadways. Larger commercial trucks, of which we have so many in and around San Diego, can cause so much damage if th...

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Salmonella Outbreak In Raw Turkey Leads To Recall

March 8 2019

Does it seem like there has been more product recalls lately? Maybe we are just becoming more and more aware of potential products that can cause us harm and are taking steps to prevent injuries and i...

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Shocking $20 Million Hospital Error

March 2 2019

When you go to the hospital with a loved one who is injured the last thing you want to think about is whether the hospital staff is doing their job. You enter a hospital with the expectation that a ce...

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4 Common Construction Accidents

March 1 2019

Construction is a leading profession in California. Over the next decade, California will add over two million jobs to the construction field. Construction will be the fastest growing job market for t...

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Unpaid Rest Breaks And Truck Safety

February 23 2019

When it comes to safety on the roadways, there are many state and federal laws regarding the safe operation of large commercial trucks. We have just learned that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin...

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The Scope Of Toy-Related Injuries And Fatalities

February 22 2019

When you buy a toy for your kid, we know you ensure that it is safe for their age. Like most parents, you probably read the labels thoroughly, making sure to note the possible hazards. However, there ...

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